Pregnant Mum With Covid Was Put In Coma To Protect Her Baby

The guidance around the Covid-19 vaccine for pregnant women has continued to confuse, with some mums-to-be even getting misinformation at vaccination centres. That’s despite the latest research showing the vaccine doesn’t affect fertility or lead to worse birth outcomes for those vaccinated.

As medical professionals urge more pregnant women to get their jabs, one mum has spoken frankly about the ordeal of contracting Covid while pregnant.

Mum-of-four Sameera Khan, from London, was put in a coma for two months to protect her unborn baby, who was delivered by C-section while she was under.

Speaking on the 50 Shades of Motherhood podcast with host Carla Lett, Khan recalled the moment that doctors told her this intervention was needed to save her life – and pregnancy.

“I was so unwell in terms of my breathing that I agreed,” she said. “I would have agreed to anything at that point because it’s awful when you can’t breathe. You’re worried and none of the machines are working. It’s a really scary time.

“I started messaging everybody with these really emotional soppy messages, saying, ‘If I don’t wake up, please look after my children.’ Then after I made my phone calls, they took me up to the ICU ward and then that’s where it started. They put me into the coma. And, everything from there on was a blur.”

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