Football Fan Randomly Scores Facetime With Maya Jama After He’s Pied Off With False Number From Girl On Hols

One not-so-unlucky-in-love football fan got the shock of his life when he facetimed a girl he met on holiday only for the number to belong to an actual celeb.

Luke Worley was on holiday in Kos, Greece when he and his friends met a group of women on a night out and asked one of them for her number.

The 28-year-old then decided to give her a buzz the following day when England played Germany in their Euro 2020 match.

But when Luke dialled the number, instead of the girl he’d met answering, it was TV presenter Maya Jama.

He told LADBible: “We were in a bar and we were a bit drunk – we’d been drinking all day, as you can imagine – and we tried calling these girls to see where they are.

“I tried to ring a normal phone call at first through WhatsApp because I was connected to the WiFi in the bar.

“It said ‘Connecting’ and then it just didn’t go through, it just crashed. So I thought I’d try a video call – it rang once, and Maya Jama answered.”

Luke initially thought it was a wind-up, but when Maya was as confused as he ewas, he realised it was a pure fluke.

He continued: “She was like, ‘Who are you?’

“And I was like, ‘Oh, I was calling for Sarah!’”

When the former Radio 1 presenter told him her name, he replied: “I know who you are!”

The pair ended up chatting anyway before the TV presenter – who he said was a “good sport” – got called away.

“We had a conversation, we spoke about the show that she’s doing at the minute with Crouchy – that’s what she was doing, she was getting ready for that,” he said.

“She was really nice about it, she couldn’t have been any better.

“A lot of people in the public eye would have probably just put the phone down or something or blocked my number.”

After the call, Maya tweeted it was “the most random phone call ever”.

And then some.

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