Ethnic Minorities Won’t Be Fairly Represented At Work ‘Until 2237’

Look around your workplace – who are the managers? Statistically, it’s likely to be white men.

A new report by the recruitment consultancy Green Park found that white men continue to dominate executive roles while women and ethnic minorities are still being sidelined in FTSE-100 companies.

In fact, it could be 2237 (that’s 216 years away) before people of colour are represented in proportion to the population in leadership positions, the report suggests. And it will be 2059 before women take up 50% of companies’ top three roles.

In the current FTSE-100, there are only 36 women in these roles – that’s 12.2%.

Green Park said women and people of colour tend to “hold less influence, have lower salaries and are less likely to be on track to c-suite roles”. These groups were more likely to be ‘sidelined’ into human resources and marketing roles, it said, “traditionally less likely to lead to the top executive leadership spots”.

Even within the diversity and inclusion category of these companies, only 29.9% of high-level roles were held by ethnic minorities – with women of colour occupying 22.9%, while men of colour held 6.3%.

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