Diver Finds Precious Wedding Ring Lost In Lake… The Morning After

A bride has said she is “over the moon” after a diver found her husband’s wedding ring when he lost it in a lake on the day they got married.

Newlywed Annabelle Balchin, 22, described the moment Lake District Divers volunteer Angus Hosking retrieved the white-gold ring which is engraved with the couple’s initials from Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

The customer services advisor got married to Mick Balchin, 30, a canal boat builder, at Town Head Estate in Windermere on Thursday. During the heatwave that day, they took a dip in the lake from a private jetty on the estate along with their wedding guests.

Calling from her honeymoon in Wales, Annabelle Balchin said: “On Thursday it was 33°C, so us and all our guests decided to go for a dip in the evening. We were all jumping in off the jetty and my husband didn’t take his wedding ring off.

“When he was jumping in, it slid right off – he felt it slide off when he jumped off the jetty.”

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