Cameron Diaz Reflects On What Inspired Her Decision To Step Away From Acting Career

Cameron Diaz has reflected on her decision to walk away from her acting career, revealing what inspired her to make the major life change.

The Charlie’s Angels star appeared in a string of hit films throughout her time in the spotlight, but has not acted on the big screen since 2014, following the release of The Other Woman, Sex Tape and a remake of Annie.

Speaking to comedian Kevin Hart on his new show Hart To Heart, Cameron admitted that she felt her film career was preventing her from focussing on other parts of her life.

When you do something at a really high level for a long period of time, when you’re the person that is delivering one thing, you’re the person on the screen, all parts of you that isn’t that has to sort of be handed off to other people,” she explained.

[That included] different parts of my life… whether it was my home, or my finances, or just the management of me as a human being. Not ‘me as Cameron Diaz’, but my personal spiritual self, I was realising that one part of me that functioned at a high level wasn’t enough.”

She noted that while she still “loves acting”, she didn’t like that “there were so many parts of my life that I wasn’t touching and that I wasn’t managing, and I couldn’t really manage, because everything was so massive”.

Cameron continued: “I had some amazing people [in my life] but I had other people who were not serving my best interests always, but you don’t have time to figure those things out if you are just going with blinders on, you’re in the tunnel.

“For me, I just really wanted to make my life manageable by me. My routine in a day is literally what I can manage to do by myself.”

Since stepping away from acting, Cameron has focussed more on wellness, and last year launched her own organic wine brand.

She and her husband Benji Madden also welcomed a daughter in December 2019, with Cameron telling Kevin Hart that in her time away from acting she’s been able to do “all the things I didn’t have time for before”

“And not just the time for, but didn’t have the space to make the decisions, the right decision for me at the time,” she added.

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