5 Ways To Supercharge Your Walk For A Better Workout

You’re reading Move, the nudge we need to get active, however makes us happiest and healthiest.

The humble walk has been a life-saver for many throughout the pandemic – whether your stroll of choice has been first thing when the sun’s rising, a quick 20-min power trot on your lunch break, or an after-dinner amble.

Many of us are now familiar with the well-trodden paths near our areas. You might have even switched up routes between lockdowns to bring variety back into your life. And for many, walks are here to stay – even as normality returns.

Next time you head out, try turning your wander into a workout by supercharging your walk. We asked fitness experts how you can get the maximum health benefits from your outing – because while walking definitely counts as exercise, not all types of walk are created equal.

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