19 Gorgeous Photos Of Brides With Their Siblings On The Big Day

“For better or worse” is the vow often exchanged by couples in their wedding ceremony – met with a wry smile by any siblings sitting in attendance.

Because our siblings, for the most part, have seen us at our very ugliest. They’ve witnessed the toddler tantrums, the teenage angst, the stomps and the strops. But they’ve also watched us grow, learn, find happiness, fall in love.

They’re the people we’re able to be our most vulnerable, goofy selves around, and the ones who share our happiest (and saddest) moments with the fullest hearts.

A wedding might be about two people tying the knot, but it’s also about family, and for many of us, our brothers and sisters will always be our first loves.

So to celebrate that bond, we asked brides to share their favourite sibling photo from their wedding day. The stories behind the images will make you smile, shed a tear, or want to call your sibling, immediately.

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