11 Genius Cleaning Products To Splurge (And Save) On, According To A Pro

There are plenty of good soda cleaners out there (I love Oven Brite’s kit for an all-in-one pack), but you can get even more impressive results from Duzzit’s massive bottle of baking soda and an industrial-sized roll of clingfilm IMO. I feel like most people know how powerful water and baking soda can be when it comes to removing grime and burnt-on food, but the real secret is to cover a thick baking soda paste in clingfilm for around an hour after you’ve spread it over your dirty racks and oven walls. I’m not sure exactly why it works (I read something about it cutting off the oxygen and helping the products to really penetrate), but what I know for sure is that I’ve never wiped the dirt off an oven so easily. In fact, I was able to get my racks looking as good as new by just rinsing them (ugh, the dream). Plus, you’ll be able to use the baking soda for plenty of other cleaning tasks too!

Get Duzzit Baking Soda for £2.50 for 500g from Amazon (and the clingfilm for £4.99)

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