Your photos of the giant spiders terrorising homes in Leeds

The people of Leeds are being forced to evict huge spiders that have found their way into homes across the city.

Last week, it was revealed the likelihood of finding an eight-legged friend in your house is currently higher than usual as spider mating season is now upon us.

As temperatures fall, they tend to look for a warmer environment, and often manage to find a way into our homes in their search of a spider-y kiss and a cuddle.

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And it seems people across Leeds are being forced to deal with some huge spiders making themselves comfortable in our homes.

Remember, having spiders in your house is not such a bad thing as they are almost exclusively harmless and usually catch flies and other insects.

There are also a couple of things that you can do to reduce the chance of spiders getting into your home, such as filling gaps around windows or doors and opening windows to keep rooms well ventilated.

We asked you to share a picture of the biggest spider you have come across over the past few weeks. Scroll down to see a selection of images sent in by our readers.

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