‘You look zero like that’

Fans accused Teresa Giudice of adding too many filters to her latest Instagram picture and making herself look “unrecognizable.”

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared a solo snap of herself on Monday, posing in a pink low-cut jumpsuit with cutouts showing her stomach, sides and chest.

Giudice also included pictures of her alongside some of her friends – including “RHONJ” co-star Jennifer Aydin – at a Barbie-themed birthday party from over the weekend.

It didn’t take long for her fans to point out that the 51-year-old mom of four seemingly had no wrinkles on her face and her other facial features also appeared extremely prominent and flawless.

Teresa Giudice posing for a solo shot
Several fans accused Teresa Giudice of looking “unrecognizable” in a seemingly edited photo.

“Way too much filter considering you look ZERO like that. 🤦🏻‍♀️,” one user wrote.

“The photoshop came out 😢,” someone else commented, while another simply added, “Unrecognizable.”

“Omg Teresa enough with the FaceTune.. you look like a cartoon character. You’ve had a whole face transplant and look like a completely different person. Why do you still need filters,” another person wondered.

Teresa Giudice, Jennifer AYdin and a friend posing together
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared several snaps of her with her friends – including Jennifer Aydin.

“What in the face tune is this,” one user simply asked.

“Photoshop and FaceTune have entered the chat…” someone commented.

“Girl leave the facetuning alone,” one person pleaded.

Teresa Giudice, Jennifer Aydin and two friends posing together
One social media user even compared her to a “cartoon character.”

“Can’t believe how photo shopped [sic] these pics are🙄. Please be real Teresa. We can all look like that,” a user wrote.

Meanwhile, other people questioned if Giudice was using the weight loss drug Ozempic, since she appeared “super skinny.”

“Ozempic Barbie,” someone commented.

Teresa Giudice posing with two women
Fans also wondered if Giudice has been taking Ozempic.

“maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s Ozempic,” another person wrote.

Can’t get enough ‘Real Housewives?’

“Holy Ozempic! 😱” one user exclaimed, while another wrote, “It’s giving very much Ozempic.”

“Omg..Teresa is a stick now..Ozempic???” someone asked, and someone added, “Ozempic MUCH??!!!”

Teresa Giudice posing for a photo with a friend
The Bravolebrity has not previously discussed taking the diabetes turned weight loss drug.
Teresa Giudice sitting on "WWHL"
Fans have previously called Giudice out for seemingly editing her photos.
Ralph Bavaro/BRAVO via Getty Images

“Another one on Ozempic🤦🏽‍♀️,” someone else wrote, referring to the several celebrities and Bravolebrities who have fessed up to using the diabetes-turned-weight loss drug.

Giudice has faced criticism from fans over her photoshopping techniques before.

Most recently, fans compared her to a “wax” figure in a photo of her posing alongside her husband, Luis Ruelas.

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