What Is ‘The Ick’ And Can We Ever Get Over It?

Does the person you’re dating suddenly make you cringe? Are their habits grating? Has your attraction evaporated? Sorry, you’ve got the ick.

“The Ick” is a term first made popular by Leanne Amaning in season six of Love Island. Leanne found herself catching the ick for fellow contestant Mike Boateng. After she discovered this newfound feeling for Mike, everything he did made her feel a bit…well, icky. Leanne didn’t give us a definition of the term, but we all knew what she meant.

This season, the ick has returned and attached itself to Brett. Priya coupled up with Brett after being in a love triangle with him and Matt. Though she seemed to really like him and even admitted to snogging him in bed, their date didn’t go as well as planned. Priya told the girls she found him boring and was sure she got the ick.

But what exactly is the ick? Why do we experience this sudden change of heart? And is the ick a deal-breaker?

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