Victoria Derbyshire Enters The BBC News Bloopers Hall Of Fame After Unexpected Start To Broadcast

Victoria Derbyshire has made a spectacular entry into the BBC News bloopers Hall Of Fame after her broadcast on Thursday morning got off to an unexpected start. 

The presenter was missing in action at the start of the BBC News At 9, after something appeared to be up with her outfit. 

As the BBC News theme played over footage of the newsroom, it then cut to the studio, where Victoria should have been in her usual place, ready to introduce the first item. 

However, it appeared there might have been a mishap, as she could instead be seen in the corner of the studio crouching over.

With Victoria still off-screen, her mic then picked her up muttering: “Oh my god.”

After a few seconds of dead air, Victoria finally walked into shot and said: “Sorry about that delay.”

After Twitter users couldn’t quite work out what had happened, Victoria revealed her “very high” heels were at fault. 

Tweeting a picture of the offending footwear, she revealed: “Oh god, I couldn’t get my very high heels on.”

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