Top 8 security tips to keep your home safe and secure this summer

If you’ve suffered a break-in at your home or had your vehicle stolen then you know it’s not just the loss of valuables that hurts, it’s the invasion of your home and space that can leave people frightened and feeling unsafe in their homes.

Installing the right security measures can not only prevent break-ins but also act as a strong deterrent for any thieves scoping out their next targets.

Here, Lemon Locksmith that is based in Leeds, shares top tips on upgrading your security to protect your possessions and to help you feel safe and secure in your home.

1. Upgrade your locks

Lock snapping is a very common method thieves use to break into homes.

An easy way to stop this is to use a professional locksmith to upgrade your locks to new, anti-snap locks.

You could even go the extra mile and have your new high security locks protected by high security handles. These are hardened steel handles which can’t be snapped off by mole grips (a common entry method by thieves).

2. Replace broken windows or doors quickly and effectively

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have your window broken or door broken, deal with it fast.

Use a board up service fast in order to secure it then and there, then deal with the glass as soon as you can, replacement glass can take up to a week to be made so in the meantime, boarding up is the next best thing.

3. Install CCTV and/or alarms

Consider installing CCTV and/or an alarm system. CCTV is a great deterrent to put off potential thieves and alongside a fully working alarm system makes it very hard for thieves to go unnoticed.

You can also install security gates/automatic gates with an access control camera system so you can see who is outside before you open the gate.

4. Consider a higher-quality door

There’s no point in having a secure, three-star lock if you have a low quality or old door. The best and most secure type of door is a reinforced composite door, which contains steel rods inside which make it extremely hard to kick in.

Installing CCTV means no thieves will go unnoticed in and around your home, garage and vehicles
Installing CCTV means no thieves will go unnoticed in and around your home, garage and vehicles

5. Don’t forget your garage

Consider having a special high security garage lock fitted as very often the standard garage locks are very easy for thieves to open.

6. Have spare keys in a separate, secure location

It’s always a good idea to have a spare key made for your car. A good auto locksmith should be able to help with this.

Many people make the mistake of storing these in kitchen drawers or other easy-access places, making it easy for thieves to find. Consider installing a safe in which to keep spare keys and other valuables.

7. Look at window shutters, roller shutters or security bars

Business owners should consider installing window shutters, roller shutters or even security bars for additional protection.

Many businesses get broken into at night and thieves simply have to smash the glass which renders high security doors and locks redundant. These extra measures make it harder for criminals to get inside.

8. Secure your van

Own a van? Don’t forget about your van’s security. Thieves can easily bypass many vans’ standard locking systems. Look at specific, secure van locks which can be installed to increase security, these can often prevent door peeling/bending methods used by criminals.

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