The one place in Leeds where Covid is still surging – and why that might be

Coronavirus case rates are generally falling across Leeds and the UK, to the surprise of many.

Scientists had predicted a third wave to hit as we left lockdown but most of the country has actually seen a fairly dramatic drop in new cases over the past few weeks.

There are several theories as to why this might be. The vast majority of adults have now had both vaccination jabs, fewer tests are being taken and the end of the university year has limited contact between young, unvaccinated people.

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The latest ward data published by Leeds City Council supports this last point.

Student area Headingley and Hyde Park was once the runaway Covid hotspot in Leeds, with a rate four times higher than the city’s average on June 24 – 1327.7 versus 423.0.

After the students left a week later it started to fall to its current rate of 388.5, marginally above the Leeds average at 377.6.

Most of the city has seen its rate fall at least slightly over the same month.

But one council ward has recorded a significant jump in that time.

Gipton and Harehills has shot up from 200.1 to 333.5 by July 22.

It is also the only council ward where the Covid rate did not fall during the most recent data week, instead rising from 297.1.

The rate is still below the Leeds average but the directional trend is unique.

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It was recently revealed that Harehills is the most vaccine-sceptic suburb in Yorkshire. Just 26 per cent of 18 to 30-year-olds here had their first dose of the vaccine by July 25.

Romeo, 19, from Harehills told Leeds Live: “I know a couple of people that have got the vaccine, but most of my friends haven’t.

“To me, it’s just people overreacting to it [Covid-19]. I’ve had this virus twice, but it was just a normal cough and flu.”

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