The Harehills field plagued with people dumping foul raw meat that looks like ‘dead bodies’

A woman claims she had to force a birds carcass out of her dog’s mouth after raw meat was dumped on a field in Harehills.

Millie Armour said the incident happened on a field in Gathorne Terrace at the end of July this year as she was taking her dog on a walk to the nearby shops.

The pair came across raw seasoned chicken which she suspects had gone off dumped in the middle of the field.

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Her dog picked up the dead bird and choked on it forcing Millie, 20, to take action and get it out of her mouth.

The Harehills resident said the dumping of raw meat wasn’t a rare occurrence and is something that has been happening in the area for around two years.

“Every day there’s something new,” Millie said, and today (Tuesday) lamb bones and a big pile of bread were dumped on the field.

She claims she spotted a woman coming out of her to dump curry on the field and believes families who live nearby are responsible for the mess.

Speaking to Leeds Live, Millie said: “I was wondering where it was coming from and I saw a woman come from her house and dump curry all over the field. I looked at her and she wasn’t a**ed at all. I think the children come from the house and dump food there as well. It’s been happening for months now.

Lamb and huge chunks of bread were dumped on the field in Harehills
Lamb and huge chunks of bread were dumped on the field in Harehills

“For them, I think they’re trying to help feed the wildlife but the meat is off, it’s out of date anyway so I don’t know what they’re trying to do.

“I did think it was the restaurant who were throwing it but it was the locals doing it. I had to take a full spine out of my dog’s mouth. She was choking on it and I had to force it out of her throat.

“The whole area is ridiculed with rats, the rats are like the locals there. The whole area needs to be sorted out. I don’t think people understand hygiene. They need to be told to look after the street.”

Millie is now concerned about the increase of vermin in the area that’s caused by the food discarded on the field.

Earlier in the week, a dog died after it was poisoned at the other side of the Harehills area now Millie has said she is paranoid about walking her dog in the area in case her dog eats something it shouldn’t.

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But Millie has admitted she has not reported to any of the Harehills councillors.

“I haven’t reported, I’m trying to move out of the area,” She continued. “It looks like dead bodies until you get closer and realise it’s meat.

“Neighbours can see them do it, if it was on my street I wouldn’t be happy. I think all the neighbours on the street are doing it, there’s no way it’s just one person. Every day there’s more food.

“I don’t know how they don’t see the rats. On a night you can see them gathered, they share the food out, it’s disgusting, even the smell, especially when it’s hot.

“It’s happening every day. Every day there’s something new.”

Cllr Arif Hussain who represents the Gipton and Harehills ward has encouraged residents to come forward and report issues of fly-tipping or dumping food.

Speaking to Leeds Live he said that the environmental enforcement team take cases of fly-tipping as a high priority in Harehills.

Cllr Hussain said: “I’m not aware of it. I’m more than happy to hear concerns from local residents and take the case to the environmental enforcement team.”

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