The Celebrity Goggleboxers’ Reactions To That Sex/Life Shower Scene Were Absolutely Priceless

It’s the show with the shower scene that’s got the whole internet flustered, so it was only right that the Celebrity Gogglebox gang had to give their verdict on Sex/Life on Friday. 

And it’s fair to say their reactions were priceless. 

For those who haven’t seen it, the Netflix series the tells the story of a married woman called Billie who fantasises about the wild sex life she used to have with her ex-boyfriend Brad. 

The third episode features a gasp-inducing full-frontal scene whereby Billie’s husband Cooper cops an eyeful of his love rival’s (rather large) appendage in the gym showers.  

As the Goggleboxers sat down to watch it, it was clear to see they were even more shocked than Cooper…

There were plenty of gasps and screams from the likes of Denise Van Outen, Eddie Boxshall, Martine McCutcheon, Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher

“Jesus Christ! It’s like a salami,” Nick Grimshaw commented. 

“Is that real?!” Martin Kemp questioned (although Sex/Life’s showrunner has previously tried to answer this question).

Jonathan Ross joked: “He needs to accept the fact he can’t compete with Brad. You can’t compete with that. Go home, pack your shirts, fuck off… Look, it’s got it’s own postcode!”

“It can’t be real,” Micah insisted. “That’s an add on, that.”

“Can you get add ons?” Jamie asked, prompting much laughter. 

Sadly, one pair’s reactions who we didn’t get to see was Maureen Lipman and Gyles Brandreth’s.  

Maureen previously revealed she’d walked out of filming while having to watch another show with full-frontal nudity for Gogglebox

She told Radio Times of how she’d left the room when Naked Attraction came on because “life is too short to watch a series of hopeless men dangle their bits and pieces in my direction”. 

She said: “I’d seen Gogglebox and I thought: ’Oh, [ours] is the grown-up version, is it? I’m going to go on, and make a lot of comments now about the oeuvre and ‘I did like his first trilogy’…. But it’s your reaction to 12 dangling willies they want.

“They’re searching for ways to make me go: ‘Urgh!’ So I thought: ‘Well, actually, no, life is too short to watch a series of hopeless men dangle their bits and pieces in my direction. So I’m going.’”

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4. Sex/Life is streaming on Netflix now. 

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