The brilliant reason these Leeds drag queens went on a spooky underground ghost hunt

Two Leeds drag queens were left shaken after ‘hearing a spirit’ during a spooky underground ghost hunt at ‘one of the most haunted’ places in the city.

The team, led by Cole James, trekked around an underground market in Leeds yesterday (Fri) evening in search of paranormal activity.

The hunt had been organised as a way of raising funds for the LGBT Foundation and was live streamed on the Paranormal Uncovered Facebook page.

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Hundreds of people watched on as Cole introduced the audience to drag queen Andrew – or ‘Ginge’ – before making an appearance in front of the camera as ‘Diamond’.

Before setting off on the hunt, Cole explained why the pair were doing the hunt in drag. Said Cole: “We’re dressed up in drag tonight just to show people and spread awareness that there is nothing wrong with just being who you actually want to be.”

The duo began to make their way around the underground market, stopping in various locations to test for paranormal activity.

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After around an hour of ghost hunting, the group came to a room which is said to be particularly haunted.

Cole claimed to have been told a story about a girl who visited the room some years ago during its past life as a brothel.

“She went down there trying to look for her mum,” said Cole. “She was actually killed there.”

Once in the room, Andrew began to ask the ‘spirit’ a series of questions, including: ‘Can you tell us what happened to the little girl?”

It was then that both Andrew and Cole claimed to have heard the reply: “She was killed.”

Cole James and Andrew dressed up in drag for the ghost hunt
Cole James and Andrew dressed up in drag for the ghost hunt

“That’s crazy,” said Cole. “It can’t be any clearer than that”. Cole went on to claim he could hear tapping in one corner of the room after asking the ‘spirit’ to make a noise.

The pair’s ghost hunt lasted a total of 80-minutes and raised more than £100 for the LGBT Foundation.

The charity provides a wide range of support to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans people and also works with healthcare and other professionals to “help make public services more accessible and inclusive for LGBT communities.”

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