The beloved and lost Leeds nightclubs you say were the best

Leeds’ nightlife scene is back in full swing after a temporary lay-off due to Covid.

The city has long been recognised as a nightlife capital with its numerous bars and nightclubs attracting students and revellers from across the country.

There is certainly no shortage of choice; with high-end bars, student clubs and venues that open well into the morning providing a night out that appeals to most.

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But which nightclubs over the years have given us the fondest memories?

We asked Leeds Live readers to name their favourite nightclubs in the city – regardless of whether they are still open today.

The response was overwhelming, with more than 1,000 readers sharing their fondest memories of nights out in Leeds.

We couldn’t possibly name them all, so we have compiled a list of the clubs that were mentioned most frequently.

Read on for a list of Leeds’ favourite nightclubs – most of which have been loved and lost.

The Orbit

Former venue of The Orbit, Morley

One extremely popular choice among readers was The Orbit dance music night, in Morley.

The techno night began in 1990 and continued until around 2003.

Responding to our question of which nightclub was the best in Leeds, one woman said: “I’m picking two. Orbit and Orbit again.”

The Warehouse

Clubbers dancing during a DJ set at The Warehouse, Leeds
Clubbers dancing during a DJ set at The Warehouse, Leeds

Unlike the rest of the clubs on our list, this one is still going strong.

The Warehouse has been open for more than 30 years and first welcomed the public in 1979. The music venue recently underwent a huge renovation and now boasts lighting rigs, colour lasers and Co2 jets.

It remains a hit with the people of Leeds.

Planet Earth

One reader fondly remembered the revolving dance floor at Planet Earth. The club was extremely popular in the 1990s and later became Bondi Beach Club.

Rocky’s at Compton Arms

Compton Arms in Compton Road

Rocky’s was the name given to the upstairs bar at the Compton Arms. Sadly, the pub was demolished in 2006, but people still cherish memories from nights out at the venue.

“Rocky’s was comfortable, close to home and everybody just about knew everyone,” said one reader.

Pleasure Rooms

The venue hosted the hugely popular Back To Basics house night – which was mentioned numerous times on our page – in the 1990s.

“Absolutely fab music and atmosphere,” said one reader about the club.

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Le Phonographique

Later known as Bar Phono, the venue was a big hit with the people of Leeds up until its closure around 2006.

Jumpin Jacks at Majestyk

Majestyk nightclub, Leeds, in 2009 (left) and 2018
Majestyk nightclub, Leeds, in 2009 (left) and 2018

At the peak of its powers, Majestyk could hold around 3,310 revellers. Its downstairs bar, known as Jumpin Jacks, was seemingly a hit with Leeds Live readers.

Cinderella’s Rockerfella’s

Cinderella’s opened in 1970 and was followed two years later by Rockerfella’s, which opened next door.

One woman reader said the clubs were her pick for the best in Leeds. “Met the hubby there in 1980,” she added.

The Gallery

The club on Merrion Street was hugely popular in its time and even attracted celebrity visitors, including Eric Cantona.

One reader said they remember the club as the best in Leeds “by far”.

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