Taxis and Takeaways: Are Covid Vaccine Incentives Going To Work?

Car services such as Uber and Bolt and food delivery apps UberEats and Deliveroo are among those offering incentives for young people to get jabbed.

As the vaccine rollout continues, the government is doing everything it can to coax young people into getting the Covid-19 jab – and if that means offering discounted taxi rides and takeaways, Westminster says: whatever it takes.

Uber has said it’s reminding all users in August to get vaccinated, offering discounts on rides and meal delivery for doing so. Deliveroo will also offer vouchers, while Bolt is offering “free ride credit” to vaccination centres.

The Department of Health said more partnerships would be released “in due course”, while some local charities and councils have also started offering free taxis to help people get to vaccination centres.

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