Susan Boyle Featuring In The Olympics Opening Ceremony Is The Gift No One Saw Coming

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games finally got underway on Friday after a dazzling – it somewhat subdued – opening ceremony.

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had the privilege of lighting the Olympic cauldron, kicking off just over two weeks of sporting excellence.

The event provided some spectacular sights, including 1,800 drones flying in the formation of planet earth, the hugely popular pictograms and a certain shirtless flag bearer from Tonga.

However, one inclusion nobody saw coming was Susan Boyle.

Yep, the Britain’s Got Talent star’s version of The Doves’ Wings To Fly was belted out to the billions watching, and listening, across the globe.

Thousands of paper doves descended from the sky as the ballad, which SuBo had a hit with in 2009, was being played in the background.

A pleasantly surprised Twitter was very much here for it…

Speaking about the inclusion of the song, Susan said it was “a true honour” to be featured in the opening ceremony.

She tweeted: “It was a true honour to be asked by the #TokyoOlympics to use my song “Wings To Fly” during the dove release at the Opening Ceremony. Good luck to all of the athletes competing and especially to @TeamGB.”

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