Simone Biles Reveals What She ‘Never Truly Believed’ About Herself Until Now

“I felt like I was carrying, as Simone said, the weight of the world on your shoulders, so yeah, it’s a tough situation,” he said.

Former Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu said she competed with a severe injury in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when she was just 14. She said Biles’s decision “demonstrates that we have a say in our own health – “a say” I NEVER felt I had as an Olympian.”

Michelle Obama also joined the avalanche of support, telling Biles she was proud of her.

“Am I good enough? Yes, I am. The mantra I practice daily,” the former first lady told Biles in a tweet. “We are proud of you and we are rooting for you.”

USA Gymnastics said it wholeheartedly supported Biles’s decision to step back and applauded her bravery in prioritising her well-being.

“Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many,” it said.

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