Simon Jordan sums up Leeds United and Liverpool Brazil farce with brilliant Raphinha question

The only Premier League fixture this weekend where both teams are affected by the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) debacle is Leeds United vs Liverpool.

Both sides refused to let their players travel to South America for the recent international break due to the five-time World Cup winners playing in countries recognised on the UK’s red list. This would mean those players would have to quarantine or self isolate on arrival back into the country, stopping them from playing this weekend.

Out of frustration, the CBF have imposed a five-day Fifa ban on the players in question meaning that Raphinha and Liverpool‘s Alisson, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino are set to be out of action against Leeds at Elland Road.

While the clubs, and the Premier League, look to resolve the issue, it has caused anger and confusion throughout the footballing world.

Simon Jordan, former Crystal Palace chairman and talkSPORT pundit, slammed the decision that has been made by the CBF and FIFA.

“It is ridiculous to sanction clubs on the basis of players that would have to quarantine on their way back and have to quarantine on the way out,” he claimed. “It’s absurd.

“If Leeds play a Brazilian player that they didn’t let go and Liverpool do it, that’s two players playing in the same game. Are you going to forfeit in favour of both sides, do both sides lose 3-0? It just brings the game into disrepute, they can’t do it, it’s ridiculous!”

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