Ryan Reynolds’ Reaction To The Football Club He Just Bought Losing Is Oh So Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds says he’s “never sleeping again” after watching the Welsh football team he owns lose the first game he has attended since buying the club.

The Deadpool actor and his fellow actor and co-owner Rob McElhenney swapped the glamour of Hollywood for a chilly evening in Berkshire on Tuesday evening.

The pair were spotted in the stands at the York Road Stadium but failed to bring their team any luck after Wrexham AFC were beaten 3-2 by Maidenhead United.

And the actor’s response to his first taste of British football (and defeat), was typically Ryan Reynolds.

“Football is a staggering, heartbreaking, gorgeous, tommy-gun of soul-deadening, evil and beauty and I’m never sleeping again ever ever,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a series of photos from the match.

The two actors made headlines after taking 100% ownership of the fifth tier Red Dragons in February this year.

They took over from the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust and made a £2 million investment under the terms of the deal.

Wrexham fan Andy Gilpin said he was “gobsmacked” to see the Hollywood owners at York Road and that their appearance had “given supporters a boost”.

“We had an inkling that they may have shown up today but we didn’t actually think that might happen until we saw them in the stand,” Mr Gilpin told the PA news agency.

“Obviously that gave everyone a big boost – they’re there, you can see them, they were waving to the fans.

“We knew they were in the area and we knew they’d landed about six hours ago but we thought this probably would be a game too far for them, then we saw a lot of stewards rushing around just before the kick-off and then the rumour came round that ‘yeah they’re here’.

“There’s media hype and then there’s showing up at Maidenhead away which isn’t the sort of Hollywood entrance really, it’s a very low-key ground, and to see two Hollywood stars there in the middle of the home stand, we were just gobsmacked you know.

“It shows that they mean business.”

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