Right Said Fred Singer Still Refusing Vaccine Despite Being Rushed To Hospital Due To Covid

Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass is still refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19, despite recently being hospitalised after he contracted coronavirus.

The MailOnline reports that Richard was rushed to hospital in an ambulance  on Saturday 14 August, after Covid symptoms left him struggling to breathe.

The 67-year-old subsequently spent four nights under the care of doctors, and is now recovering at his home in Windsor.

Following his recent health issues, Richard has reiterated his refusal to be vaccinated against the virus, having previously attended anti-lockdown protests in London and voiced his opinions against the vaccine in the media.

Speaking outside his home, Richard told the MailOnline: “I’ve had a bit of Covid, it wasn’t too bad. I was a little breathless, I felt very tired.”

He added that he was “absolutely not” going to get the vaccine despite his recent health scare.

The NHS website says: “Millions of people have had a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and the safety of the vaccines continues to be monitored. Reports of serious side effects are very rare.”

In September 2020, Right Said Fred faced backlash when they posted photos on social media of an anti-lockdown protest both members of the band had attended.

Responding to the controversy at the time, the band tweeted: “If the best you’ve got is Far Right Said Fred, Deeply Shitty, Too Sexy For my Mask, Bald C***s or twats then don’t be surprised if you’re blocked for being predictable and boring.

“When we’re fundraising for the Royal Marsden Hospital, which we do annually our time line is quiet. However, we go to a protest and everyone loses their collective shit. Funny that.”

Right Said Fred topped the UK singles chart in 1992 with their song Deeply Dippy, with other hits to their name including I’m Too Sexy, Stick It Out and Don’t Talk Just Kiss.

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