Police vow to hammer illegal street racers ‘putting kids in danger’ after crash at Leeds car meet

Police in Leeds have vowed to hammer illegal street racers after a crash at an unauthorised car meet.

Officers have warned that dangerous antisocial drivers at meets are ‘putting young children’s lives in danger.

The force has said that people will have their cars seized, and have even said they will check spectator’s cars at street rallies for offences including tinted windows, illegal tyres, non-standard number plates and any other offence.

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The warning comes after a crash happened at a south Leeds car meet, where a silver BMW slammed into another car.

It was a moment which saw the driver ‘run out of skill’, which put young people nearby in danger, police said.

In a post which seemed short on patience, Leeds South Facebook posted: “On 17th August a large number of vehicles attended as part of an organised, illegal street racing meeting. The driver of this vehicle quickly ran out of skill and collided with another vehicle in attendance.

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“Drivers at these meetings are putting peoples lives in danger. Including the lives of young children who are using the nearby leisure facilities. This dangerous, vehicular, anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated by West Yorkshire Police.

“Anybody found committing offences at similar meetings will be reported and face having their car seized.

“Spectators at meetings are also part of the problem and stationary vehicles will be examined.

“Police officers will be taking positive action in relation to offences such as registration plates not conforming to regulations, window tints, tyres and other relevant offences.”

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