Michael Parkinson Offers Apology To Meg Ryan Over Infamous 2003 TV Interview

Sir Michael Parkinson has offered an apology to Meg Ryan over their infamous 2003 interview.

The former chat show host’s BBC show saw one of the most awkward TV interviews ever take place when the Hollywood star appeared to promote her poorly received erotic thriller In The Cut. 

The frosty chat saw Meg remain stony-faced and deliver one-word answers to Sir Michael’s questions, telling him to “wrap it up”. 

Sir Michael has now addressed the interview during a chat with Radio Times. 

“I wish I hadn’t lost my temper with Meg Ryan. I wish I’d dealt with it in a more courteous manner,” he said.

“I was quite obviously angry with her and it’s not my business to be angry towards the guests. I came across as kind of pompous and I could have done better.”

Asked what he would say to Meg Ryan if he saw her again, the interviewer – who retired from TV in 2007 – said: “I’m sorry. But you must understand that you played a part in it, too. Neither of us were on top form, and we were both discomforted.”


Sir Michael’s apology marks a departure from his previous comments on the interview.

He once called her ”an unhappy woman,” while Meg branded him a ”nut” and said he had spoken to her ”like a disapproving dad”.

Read the full interview with Sir Michael Parkinson in this week’s issue of Radio Times, on sale now. 

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