Love Island: The 7 Memes You Need To See From Sunday Night’s Episode

To quote Brenda from Bristol: “You’re joking? Not another one.”

Yep, it seems the Love Island producers are particularly keen on frustrating cliffhangers this year, as Sunday night saw us kept waiting to find out whether newbie Rachel would choose to couple up with Brad or Chuggs. 

The new arrival spent her first full day in the villa getting to know the two boys after they were left at risk of being dumped from the Island following Friday’s recoupling. 

But you had another thing coming if you thought we’d discover who she chose by the end of the episode.  

As Chloe also predicted, our money is probably on Chuggs right now, but while we wait to find out, here’s our favourite memes from Sunday night…

This would be one way to spice up this season

Brad not knowing what coq of vin was put people in mind of a certain scene from The Inbetweeners

Also, who wants to tell Rachel it’s made with chicken not duck?

We’ve still no idea why they extended the episode either

We really should have learned by now

There’s a feeling there could be other forces at work behind these constant cliffhangers

Still, if Monday’s episode sees Rachel dump Chuggs, we could get a brand new version of one of the all time classic Love Island memes

Love Island continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. 

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