Love Island Fans Had A Lot To Say About That Dramatic Recoupling

Having previously left fans furious with a frustrating cliffhanger, Love Island bosses had some making up to do as the recoupling continued on Friday. 

But after airing what might have been the most dramatic post-Casa Amor episode ever, we think they might be forgiven. 

Social media was awash with reaction as the boys returned from the second villa and viewers discovered who had decided to stay loyal to their original partner, and who had strayed. 

Liam Reardon returned to reunite with Millie Court, despite kissing Lillie Haynes and sharing a bed with her. 

However, there was no happy ending for the couple, as Lillie was brought into the main villa and soon gave her side of the story. 

Fans couldn’t get enough of Lillie exposing what actually happened at Casa Amor

And they were absolutely not here for Liam trying to cover his tracks

The way Kaz Kamwi dealt with Tyler Cruickshank after he recoupled won high praise

People are still furious at producers for stitching Teddy Soares up with that postcard, especially as it meant Faye Winter then recoupled with Sam Jackson

The way Teddy came back holding Faye’s toy dog got everyone in the feels

And everyone is willing them to get back together so we can give them what they deserve

And at the end of the episode, those who complained the series had been slow compared to previous ones reassessed their opinions

Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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