Leeds September heatwave update and what to expect this week

It has been a rather wet and dreary month, but the Met Office has predicted a dryer end to August.

The weather experts have tentatively predicted “fine and settled” weather across the country for the end of this month and early next month, with some hot spells set to arrive – so will Leeds see another heatwave?

NetWeather has predicted “warmer temperatures” and they have said that the mean temperature across the UK for the end of August and early September is expected to be above normal by two to three degrees celsius.

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This means that we could be in with some hot spells and plenty of sunshine to round off the summer – but the Met Office long-range forecast falls short of predicting a scorcher, saying we can expect ‘fine and settled weather’.

Though there are expected to be some light showers and light winds, it is unlikely that we will be hit with any wet or windy extremes.

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In the Met Office’s long range forecast for August 27 to September 5, a spokesperson said: “The last week in August and into September is likely to be dominated by high pressure resulting in fine and settled weather across the UK.

“This will bring variable amounts of cloud, sunny spells, a few light showers and mainly light winds but some fog patches overnight, which clear during early morning.

“It looks increasingly likely that these settled conditions will persist through much of this period, with perhaps weak frontal systems bringing some light rain and showers at times.

“Winds likely to be light to moderate for most, with breezier conditions towards the edge of the high pressure in the far south, where it may feel cooler.

“Temperatures are likely to be rather warm in the west but near average and cool in the east below any persistent cloud.”

Leeds is set to have a dry and mild rest of the week, with some warm spells and a few days of sunshine, making it the perfect weather for some last-minute staycations.

Here is the forecast for Leeds for the rest of this week:

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Plenty of sunshine forecast for today, with unbroken sun from 1pm to 5pm and then some sunny intervals into the early evening. Temperatures of 21°C and a low chance of rain.

Tomorrow will also be warm, with temperatures of 21°C again, but cloudy all day. Warm and dry though, with a low chance of rain all day.

Wednesday will be a cloudy start but changing to sunny intervals into the afternoon and with highs of 22°C, making it another warm day in Leeds.

Things will cool down to 18°C on Thursday, though there will still be a few sunny intervals and some cloud cover to keep it mild.

Friday will be much the same, with a mix of cloud and sunny intervals and highs of 18°C, while Saturday will brighten up again and will hit 20°C.

Sunday will be similar, with a mix of sunny intervals and cloud, and just slightly cooler with hights of 19°C and a dry evening.

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