Leeds residents can earn money from their cars while helping reduce carbon emissions

In an age where climate change is dominating conversations, we’re all looking for ways to become more sustainable and look after the world we live in.

This new easy-to-use car sharing platform, Karshare, which has just launched in Leeds, gives us an eco-friendly solution to an everyday task: transport.

Not only does it benefit the earth, but also gives back to Leeds residents. It offers car owners the chance to earn up to £550 per month by renting out their car with their local community.

On top of this, Leeds City Council are supporting Karshare by offering a free keyless installation (worth £195) to the first ten Leeds residents who join with eligible vehicles.

Similar to Airbnb, Karshare enables people to rent out their cars to others in their community.

Car owners and renters alike can feel safe and confident using the service. Drivers are vetted, cars have full insurance and breakdown cover, as well as keyless technology, making the process fully secure.

It also enables people to rent a car at up to 80% cheaper than traditional car rental companies, putting money back into the pockets of local community members.

Leeds City Council are eager to support Karshare by offering free keyless installation

How does sharing your car help the environment?

Transport is the UK’s biggest source of carbon emissions and car sharing has been cited by the World Economic Forum as one solution that could reduce carbon emissions by a third due to reducing vehicle ownership and distances travelled: it’s Karshare’s mission to power the move to net zero by making it easy to use a car without owning one.

The app, Karshare, comes at a welcome time as a huge 89% of surveyed Leeds residents have a car on lease and six out of ten (61%) agree that their monthly lease repayments are one of their biggest financial concerns.

Andy Hibbert, CEO and Founder at Karshare, said: “Cars account for almost a fifth of the UK’s emissions. The launch of Karshare in Leeds gives the city the opportunity to be at the forefront of the UK’s journey to Net Zero by 2050.

“The pandemic pause has sparked a heightened sense of community in Leeds with over half (56%) getting to know their neighbours – making it the perfect time to capitalise on the sharing economy.

“It’s time to do a U-turn on society’s damaging obsession with buying too much because it is harrowing for the environment. Karshare’s launch in Leeds has a real opportunity to reverse our goals of ownership by introducing locals to the sharing economy, which will also bolster the city’s move to becoming a more sustainable environment.”

Each shared car takes ten off the road – creating more space for greener communities and helping reach net zero emissions sooner

Leeds residents have their say

Over a third (40%) of car owners said lockdown has made them reassess whether they need a car every day and 39% said they plan to use their vehicle a lot less over the next 12 months.

As purse strings are tightened, nearly half (48%) of Leeds residents are actively seeking out ways to boost their household income and a similar number (46%) of the people surveyed find car sharing appealing.

Whilst the strain on finances is hitting many, Leeds locals are also greatly concerned by the city’s environmental status.

70% think the area they live in could be greener and more sustainable, and with the World Economic Forum listing car sharing as one way of collectively saving the planet, Karshare is at the forefront of Leeds’s green revolution.

With Leeds City Council under pressure to cut toxic emissions, Karshare opens up the opportunity to hire greener vehicles like hybrids or electric cars from neighbours, with over a third (38%) of respondents saying they’d prefer to hire from a neighbour than a hiring company.

Nearly half of Leeds residents are actively seeking out ways to boost their household income and Karshare offers a handy solution

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We are committed to reducing car ownership and developing shared ownership models in our communities to increase sustainable transport options. It’s not always possible to leave the car at home, so car sharing is a great option for those that only need access to a vehicle now and again.

“We welcome the launch of Karshare in Leeds and are pleased to be leading the way in developing car sharing in West Yorkshire.”

Leeds City Council is supporting the launch of Karshare in Leeds by offering the first ten car owners to sign up to the platform a free keyless box.

To hear more about the platform and how you can sign up as an owner, please visit the Karshare website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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