Leeds mum urges parents to download app which tracks kids’ location at all times

A Leeds mum has urged parents to download an app that gives them “assurance” as it pinpoints their children’s exact location in a bid to keep them safe.

Sarah Walton shared on Facebook community group Leedsplace urging parents to download the Life360 app.

She encouraged other parents to take action as “the world is a scary place right now. We have to know exactly where our kids are.”

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Life360 is a digital monitoring app aimed at families and is free on Android or the Apple app store.

Sharing about the app that stops her from panicking, Sarah said: “Anyone with kids who want more freedom, download the Life360 app.

“Not only can you pinpoint their exact location, you can add it to places and every time they arrive or leave it notifies you.

“You can also see their moves all day and keep an eye on the battery usage.

“Keeping them safe and giving us parents a little reassurance when they go out.

“Ideal for kids moving to high school and growing up. The app does need mobile data or Wifi to work!

“The world is a scary place right now. We have to know exactly where our kids are.”

She added: “Those that don’t agree with having an app that locates your child, that’s your right.

“For me, it’s more for keeping an eye on her battery usage and being able to get in touch before it runs out and for when she doesn’t answer her phone or is late home.

“I don’t have to panic because I can see where she is until she does answer.

“When she forgets to let me know she has arrived where she said she was going, the app notifies me so I know she’s safe!

“Also gives her more freedom than she would have without it because I can see where she is, should I need to.

“Kids are easily led these days, I will do what it takes to allow her to grow up but also give me peace of mind.

“Once she is older it will be removed, until then, it stays.”

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