Leeds Festival guide: Best survival tips and hacks from money and toilets to booze and food

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Ok, we’ll stop there with the alliteration, but when it comes to vital information and finer details to make sure your Leeds Festival trip goes to plan, these survival tips are well worth consideration.

Before you get carried away with excitement and anticipation of the main event, have a think about things such as what to pack, tent dimensions, food supplies.

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Yes, the sometimes boring details really matter.

What about an emergency blanket? If you’re feeling a bit confused, don’t worry. Just read on and take advantage of the advice below.

Just don’t leave it too late to start packing, it’s never good to be caught short once the journey to the Leeds Festival is underway.

The three-day event from August 27-29 will see headline performances from Liam Gallagher, Stormzy and Biffy Clyro amongst others.


Don’t bring a bundle of notes with you but do bring enough cash to see you through as well as your debit card. Stash a couple of tens and twenties in hard to find places within your possessions, you will be glad of it later.


Of course, you are going to use the loo but bring your own toilet roll.

If you forget this essential item, you’re not likely to make the same mistake ever again.


Eating on-site for three days could be fun but that cost will soon add up!

You will pass supermarkets and other outlets close to the site, so stock up on the essentials. Biscuits, crisps and chocolate will never go to waste and you will be glad for those things when hunger hits.


By all means enjoy yourself and have a drink but stick within your limits and don’t over indulge.

You aren’t able to just jump into a taxi to head back to bed, so have a think about your plans, drink plenty of water and keep it steady.


Camp showers may not be the real thing compared to home or a hotel, but they certainly do the job.

If you do go for a shower on site, bring your wipes with you – you will be grateful.


  • Ticket

  • Covid Vaccination Certificate

  • Identification (such as a passport or driver’s licence)

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, including fresh socks

  • Smartphone and portable charger

  • Small torch

  • Toilet roll

  • Wipes

  • Pack light, you won’t need that much stuff and you’ll be happy to travel relatively light

  • Make sure your tent is big enough! You don’t want your feet sticking out

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