Leeds Crispy Fish and Chips chippy goes viral after customers party to Sean Paul in brilliant disco rave

We all know Headingley is the place in Leeds where the party never stops.

So much so, there’s chippies that are hosting raves. Take a look at this video from TikTik which has gone viral of those stopping off at Crispy Fish and Chips loving life.

TikTok user Bhavesh posted a late night video of customers at the Headingley Lane getting down to Sean Paul in a clip which has been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

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Those in the video are raving away to the artist’s smash hit Temperature.

You can see the clip below

As you can see, there’s flashing lights and loud blaring music coming out of the venue.

Lots of people who have seen the video absolutely loved it.

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One user wrote: “This place is getting hotter than the food they are serving.”

Another said: “This chippy party is so made for me.”

Whereas another added: “This is how you tell people you film in the UK without saying you live in the UK.”

The video was also shared on an Instagram page called thearchbishopofbanterbury, which has 3.5m followers and has so far racked up over 90,000 likes.

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