Kim Kardashian called out for ‘unnecessary’ Photoshop fail

Kim Kardashian has been accused, yet again, of toning up her body in another “unnecessary” Instagram Photoshop fail.

Instagram account @ProblematicFame, which is known to expose how “Instagram can impact beauty standards,” called out the “Kardashians” star Tuesday for appearing to alter a professional snap of herself at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show last week.

A short video comparing the original photo by Getty Images and the edited one posted to the Skims founder’s account seemingly showed that she edited her stomach, arms, waist, chest, shoulders, chin and jaw to appear thinner.

“It is very easy to find the original and compare,” the post was captioned.

Representatives for the reality star, 42, did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

Kim Kardashian at the LV Fashion Show.
Kim Kardashian was accused of Photoshopping another picture.
Getty Images; Kim Kardashian/Instagram

While the touch-ups were small, fans were quick to comment on Kardashian’s appearance as she sported a Minecraft-like inspired look.

“Imagine spending all that money in surgeries, all that dieting and time in the gym, and STILL not being happy with yourself,’ one person wrote.

“This is truly sad…her body is amazing as it is! :(,” another added.

One fan commented they didn’t know which was the Photoshopped version.

“Completely random and unnecessary edits,” they noted.

Kim Kardashian.
The mom of four posted the Getty image to her Instagram, which appeared to show her face and body a tad thinner than the original.
Kim Kardashian.
The Skims founder has been accused of editing her body several times in the past.
Getty Images

“It’s so wild to me that she’s done everything humanly possible to achieve some sort of ideal look, and still retouches herself THINNER. Like… are you kidding?” another chimed in.

“Its just mad the lengths this woman has gone to to look the way she does with years of multiple surgeries and regular aesthetic treatments and still she feels its not good enough 😢,” someone else said.

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The Skims founder has previously been accused of editing her body several times.

Back in April, Kardashian was advertising her swimwear launch when fans claimed her middle finger was missing and her thighs appeared to be pixelated

Kim Kardashian
“Come on guys… Seriously! This is so dumb!” she once responded to one of the accusations.

And last year, during the summer, she was accused of editing her neck to appear smaller while posing in an outdoor shower.

While the entrepreneur rarely addresses Photoshop rumors, she commented on “dumb” accusations in April 2022 that she removed her belly button in a photo advertising a high-waisted Skims set.

In a short video posted to her Instagram Story, she said, “Come on guys… Seriously! This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button????”

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