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Awaken Your Inner Goddess & Embark on a Journey of Abundance, Joy, Love and Happiness

“In my quest for the Divine, I embarked on a Journey to find the Goddess. Little did I know that she had been residing within me all along, patiently waiting to be discovered and embraced.”

Welcome to the nourishing sanctuary of JEWELS Of VENUS.

This is your divine call to journey inward, to unveil the wisdom, creativity, and love nestled within your Soul. The Divine Feminine, a nurturing yet powerful force, calls you to UNLOCK ITS TRANSFORMATIVE POWER.

Ever wished to deeply connect with your true self, honour your feelings, and sway with life’s rhythms? Awakening your Divine Feminine is an act of self-love and empowerment. It invites you to trust your intuition, navigate life’s challenges with grace, and embrace your vulnerability – YOUR TRUE STRENGTH’S GATEWAY.

Venturing on this Journey, you’ll discover the beautiful interplay between your inner world and the Universe. The Divine Feminine compels you to nurture not only yourself but also your relationships, community, and Earth, emanating love and compassion, and sparking positive change.

Harness your Divine Feminine to RECLAIM YOUR POWER, VOICE, and DIVINE PURPOSE. Embrace your unique beauty, celebrate your strength, and accept your imperfections. As you connect with your Inner Goddess, joy, fulfilment, and prosperity will permeate your life.

So, radiant Soul, breathe deep, centre yourself, and listen to your heart’s whispers. The Divine Feminine awaits your embrace, ready to guide your transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Enter this Sacred space and let the Divine Feminine cast its magick in your life. Together, we can honour the wisdom and beauty of the Divine Feminine, CREATING A WORLD OF LOVE, compassion, and genuine expression.

Your Sacred Journey awaits! Open your heart, trust your intuition, and harness the glowing power within. Embrace the transformative energy of the Divine Feminine… Take a sneak peek inside the enriching contents of the Cosmic Guide >>

“As you reclaim your Divine Feminine, you become a beacon of love, authenticity, and resilience, inspiring others to do the same, creating ripples that transform your environment into a haven of harmony and positivity.”

I understand WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT…  

✔️ A FULFILLING INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with a partner who will amaze you

✔️ A relationship with money that will make you feel EMPOWERED, SELF-CONSCIOUS, SUCCESSFUL, FULFILLED, and FREE

✔️ To fully rock it with your deepest goals and live in complete alignment with the TRUE PATH OF YOUR SOUL

✔️ A phenomenal lifestyle… FREEDOM, get to know your Soul family, travel… LIVE HOPE at every corner

In other words… YOU WANT IT ALL! My Dear, believe it when I tell you that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!


In fact, it’s an EXPRESSION OF YOU. When you learn how to align with the DEEPEST TRUTH of who you are, you will create the LIFE YOU TRULY DESIRE.

And you will probably create much more than you ever dreamed…

… ALIGNING WITH THE DEEPEST TRUTH of your being. When you tap into the wisdom of your inner Goddess, when you awaken the dormant power of the Venus archetype within you, you will unlock the limitless potential that resides in your soul. By embracing your Divine Feminine energy, you will create a life that surpasses your wildest dreams.

That is why I invite you to embark on a transformative Journey with me… I’ve created a sacred map that will guide you to CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE ESSENCE, to embody your Divine Feminine power, and to manifest your deepest desires.

Discover Your Unique Venus Archetype & Harness its Power to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires!

By fully embodying your Venus archetype, you will:

✔️Awaken your Divine Feminine Essence: Unveiling your Venus archetype isn’t just about gaining insights into your astrological predispositions. It’s about awakening the Goddess within you, tapping into a wellspring of Divine feminine energy that infuses you with strength, wisdom, and grace.

✔️Unleash the Power of Cosmic Alignment: Understanding your Venus archetype helps you align yourself with the Cosmic flow. This celestial alignment facilitates synchronicities, harnesses your intuitive capacities, and draws you closer to your Divine purpose.

✔️Cultivate Radiant Self-Love & Empowerment: As you embrace your Venus archetype, you embark on a journey of self-love. Recognizing your Divine worth ignites empowerment, freeing you from self-doubt and enabling you to make choices that honour your highest good.

✔️Deepen Connections with Others: Your Venus archetype illuminates your relational patterns and love language. Harnessing this knowledge allows for deeper, more meaningful connections with others, fostering mutual growth and Divine companionship.

✔️Transcend Limitations & Manifest Abundance: With the tools and rituals in our guide, you can confront and dissolve the limiting beliefs that have held you back. This opens up a flow of abundant manifestation, allowing you to attract prosperity and joy in all areas of life.

✔️Facilitate Healing & Inner Transformation: The journey to self-discovery and self-realization facilitated by this guide is also a journey of healing. It invites you to acknowledge, confront, and heal your shadows, leading to profound inner transformation and wholeness.

✔️Live Authentically & Express Freely: Embodying your Venus archetype empowers you to live your truth. It fosters authenticity and encourages you to express yourself freely, radiating your Divine essence out into the world.

But that’s not all!!! You can become part of a supportive community of awakened women who are on the same path of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we will dive deep into ancient wisdom, engage in transformative practices, and uplift each other as we embrace our Divine feminine energy.

NOW IS THE TIME, dear Soul!!! The life you desire is waiting for you. Say YES to yourself, to your dreams, and to the call of your inner Goddess. Let us walk this sacred Journey together and witness the magick that unfolds when you awaken your inner Goddess and BECOME THE HIGHEST VERSION of yourself.

Are you ready, my dear? The activation of the Venus archetype awaits you. It’s time to step into your power and create a life beyond your imagination…

Click below to embark on this transformative Journey and awaken your Inner Goddess…

The Divine Feminine within you is ready to emerge. This potent energy within your Soul holds the key to self-discovery, transformation, and true fulfilment. Awakening your Inner Goddess now holds more significance than ever, illuminating the often neglected aspects of our being that make us truly complete and beautiful.

The Divine Feminine embodies compassion, intuition, creativity, and sensuality – softening our existence and lighting the path towards our Soul’s purpose. It empowers us to bring our desires to life, allowing the vibrant beauty of existence to unfold.

As children of the Universe, tapping into our Divine Feminine connects us deeply to the Cosmic design, unveiling our rightful place in life’s tapestry.

In a world glorifying masculine qualities, balancing it with our Divine Feminine energy is crucial. This awakening isn’t a rejection of the masculine but a quest to harmonize the duality within us, fostering creativity, ease, and flow.

Dear Soul, it’s time to answer your Soul’s calling and embark on a journey to awakening your Inner Goddess, leading you towards healing, personal growth, and fulfilling life. This transformative journey inspires others too, creating harmonious ripples in your environment.

Embrace this change. Let it guide you to live authentically, love deeply, and craft a life filled with joy, abundance, and your radiant essence.

Take the first step in this transformational dance today – join us in this Divine Union.

Start Your Journey NOW! Unleash your Inner Goddess…

In the Celestial dance above, the radiant Venus, the embodiment of love, beauty, harmony, and personal values, shines brightly, offering a guiding light on our Journey to awakening our Inner Goddess.

Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, symbolizes the Divine Feminine – an energy that inspires,  nurtures, and connects. The placement of Venus in your natal chart offers a unique blueprint to your Inner Goddess, enhancing your capacity for love and unveiling your path to awakening the Divine Feminine within.

Imagine a state of enlightened self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-nurturing, all within your grasp. You can unlock this profound transformation by understanding the wisdom of Venus and embracing the Journey to your authentic, radiant self.

So, if you’re ready to dance in the Cosmic rhythm of the Divine Feminine and embark on a Journey to your most authentic self, begin now!!! Understand the unique placement of Venus in your natal chart, and let it illuminate your path towards awakening your Inner Goddess. Embrace your Divine Celestial calling today!

“Unleash the power of your divine feminine with our transformative Cosmic guide. Tap into ancient astrological wisdom, gain insights about your unique Venus archetype, and harness potent spiritual practices to unlock your true potential.”

My name is Emilia Nora Elina, and I am the heart and soul behind Jewels Of Venus, a beacon of resilience, transformation, and Divine feminine power.

I am a Soul-led Entrepreneur, a torchbearer for all those on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. I’m here to guide you on a profoundly spiritual journey, enabling you to awaken your Inner Goddess through the activation of the Venus Archetype Cosmic Guide. This Cosmic guide is the embodiment of my life’s work and passion, carefully crafted to ignite the Divine spark within you.

My journey to becoming who I am today has been fraught with trials and tribulations. I have been through two heart-wrenching divorces, one of which saw me abandoned during the eighth month of my first pregnancy after eight long years of what seemed like stability. And then left again, without a home and income, I felt helpless, a victim to circumstances, and my subconscious programming. But, like a lotus that grows through mud, I emerged from this adversity more confident and stronger than ever before.

I am a mother to three beautiful daughters, each of them a testament to the transformative power of love, resilience, and courage. They have been my North Star, guiding me towards the path of self-discovery and self-love, even when the skies of my life were clouded with despair.

In the crucible of difficult relationships, particularly with my soul mate and twin flame, I learned the art of destruction for the sake of Creation. Like a Phoenix, I let myself be burned down, only to rise again, stronger, brighter, and more powerful. This transformation allowed me to awaken my Inner Goddess, creating a symbiosis of self-confidence, creativity, self-love, powerful intuition and self-worth, all in harmony with my Divine feminine energy.

My story is a testament that even in our darkest hours, there exists an opportunity to ignite our inner light and become the highest version of ourselves. And I am here to share this powerful wisdom I have garnered along my journey, to help you break free from the chains of subconscious programming, awaken your Inner Goddess, and step into the limitless power that lies within you.

Let’s rise together, for when one of us rises, we all rise. Let’s awaken our Inner goddess and illuminate the world with the light of love, compassion, and Divine feminine power. You are welcomed here, in this sacred space, as we journey together on this path of transformation and spiritual awakening.

Remember, just as the planet Venus shines brightly in the morning and evening sky, so too does your Inner goddess, waiting to be awakened and shine her light on the world. Together, we will rise above the old programming & create a new narrative of empowered, radiant femininity.

Blessings and love on this incredible journey. Let’s awaken the Goddess within us all…

As we embark on the sacred Journey of cultivating our Inner Goddess, we enter a transformative process that not only reshapes our understanding of ourselves but also redefines our relationships. This path leads to self-discovery and self-love, two invaluable allies in MANIFESTING DEEPLY FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS.

Our Inner Goddess thrives on self-love and self-respect, which form the cornerstone of our relationship with ourselves. As we learn to embrace our own needs, desires, and dreams, we exude an aura of authenticity, serenity, and magnetism. This radiance not only increases our own self-esteem and contentment but also attracts like-minded souls who recognize and value our inherent worth.

By awakening the Inner Goddess, we are encouraged to listen and honour our intuition – a powerful internal compass that guides us in the world of relationships. We begin to discern the energies that nourish our Soul and those that drain us. This allows us to FORM BONDS WITH INDIVIDUALS WHO RESPECT OUR BOUNDARIES, align with our values, and celebrate our uniqueness.

The cultivation of the Inner Goddess also brings with it the magick of reciprocity in relationships. As we embrace our own needs, we grow in our understanding and empathy for the needs of others, fostering a healthy give-and-take that forms the basis of any successful relationship.

More importantly, the Inner Goddess leads us towards the essence of Divine Love. A love that is unconditional, forgiving, and nurturing. This Divine Love not only transforms our existing relationships, but it also acts as a beacon, DRAWING TOWARDS US A SOUL MATE WHO MATCHES OUR ENERGY and who can cherish the depth and beauty of our awakened selves.

Imagine a relationship where your Inner Goddess is seen, cherished, and reciprocated – where love flows freely, fostering growth, shared joy, and mutual respect. By cultivating your Inner Goddess, you’re not just forging a stronger, more loving relationship with yourself, you’re also crafting the key to unlocking a door to more satisfying, soulful, and nurturing relationships.

So, begin this sacred Journey today, and SEE HOW YOUR RELATIONSHIPS BLOSSOM IN THE NURTURING GLOW of your Inner Goddess…

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