‘It starts with who you are’ – Marcelo Bielsa shares his fascinating take on modern football

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa has offered his take on the state of modern football at the moment.

Bielsa raised his concerns in a recent interview with DAZN as he questioned whether the new generation of supporters wearing shirts of the elite clubs across different areas of the world is a good thing for the game.

The Leeds boss is an exception to many in modern football, as despite being regarded as one of the greatest managers in the world, has never taken charge of one of the world’s best.

Instead, Bielsa has taken on projects in passionate football cities around the world, which is something he no longer sees in the new generation of supporters.

He said: “How are we going to be happy in my city Rosario when we see a boy in a Real Madrid shirt? Or if you go to Africa and see a boy in a Bayern Munich shirt?

“The love for football has to start with your own, with your place, with who you are and what’s at hand. There are five or 10 huge global teams, but who is going to pay attention to their own?”

This is not the first time Bielsa has expressed his opinions on modern football since arriving at Elland Road in 2018.

Prior to the Whites’ fixture with West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns during his first season at the club, the 66-year-old called upon club owners, media, coaches and fans to prevent commercialism from ‘destroying’ football.

He said: “I think it’s the responsibility of all to discuss the position of the importance of the result above the beauty of the game.

“I don’t know if the analogy’s good, I’m sure it’s not a good analogy. It’s a disproportionate analogy I’m going to make.

“The fact that we are not taking care of the planet, our children will pay the consequence of our acts. And with football it will be the same. Because we are destroying football and in the future we will see the negative effects of this.

“And those who have power are responsible for it. The head coaches have power, the owners of the club have power, the media have power and the fans have power but they don’t use it.”

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