Government set to lift ban on standing ban in the Premier League

The government are set to announce plans to lift a ban on standing in grounds across the Premier League and the Championship.

A new safe standing scheme is set to be introduced to several Premier League clubs until the end of the season which could see fans being allowed to stand for the first time in the top flight for 25 years, according to the BBC.

The chairman of the Football Supporters Association, Malcolm Clarke has welcomed the new development and has encouraged the introduction of safe standing.

“People who want to stand should be able to do so in safety. Those who want to sit should be able to do so without having their view blocked,” Clarke said.

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Since 1994, and in the aftermath of Hillsborough where 97 people lost their lives, law required fans of first and second tier English clubs to sit and standing has been prohibited.

Elland Road has been the same ever since, but there are still some fans who flout the rules across the country.

In 2019, the Conservative party promised to introduce safe standing in their election manifesto but the pandemic has delayed progress on plans taking place.

However, with fans having returned to stadiums across the country, there is now potential to trial the new system during the current season.

Whether Elland Road will be one of the stadiums participating in the trials remains to be seen.

Similar measures have been introduced in the Bundesliga with success. And while there has been a reticence to introduce safe standing in England due to the scars of Hillsborough, Margaret Aspinall, whose son died in the tragedy and who is a spokesperson for the victims, has opened up to the idea of change.

“People’s opinions have changed. You’ve got to move forward with the times.”

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