Getting Divorced By 30 Teaches You A Lesson In Self-Worth

You’re reading Shout Out To Your Ex, our series on breakups, bouncing back, and why the end of a relationship can be the start of everything else.

Gracie Tyrrell was 24 when she met her ex-husband outside a nightclub in London. He seemed “really soft, quite the gentleman and had a chilled attitude towards everything”. By 28, they were married.

The fairytale relationship was not all it seemed, though, and by 30, she was divorced and asking herself: “Where the fuck do I go from here?”

“I felt every emotion possible, from anger, to hate, to regret. I even felt sorry for him,” she tells HuffPost UK. “My emotions were tested way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

Tyrrell, now 33, says the story of why she got divorced is long and complicated one. She worried about the stigma of being a young divorcee and threw herself into growing the snacks company she runs with her sister, Sophie, as a distraction. Seeing the business boom helped to restore her confidence, she says, and in time, she’s been able to learn from the experience of divorce.

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