Former Strictly Come Dancing Professional Kevin Clifton Calls Out Double Standard Affecting Female Celebs

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton has claimed there’s a double standard when it comes to the show’s celebrity contestants.

Kevin – who left Strictly in 2020 to prioritise his career in musical theatre – said on the latest instalment of his podcast that he feels it’s a lot easier for male contestants to sweep their past dance experience under the rug than their female competitors.

I feel like the general audience of Strictly Come Dancing don’t mind it so much if a male celebrity has a bit of training,” he said during an interview with his sister Joanne Clifton

“[But] they don’t like it when a female celebrity has training. That’s my experience of it.”

Specifically referencing last year’s finalist Maisie Smith, Kevin continued: “We talked about this a lot last year, when Maisie was on the show and people were having a go. But people loved, say, Danny Mac, who had training… and rightly so, he was amazing.”

He added: “I love Danny Mac, I think he’s mad talented and he’s a nice guy and I thought he was brilliant on Strictly.

“But like, see how the reaction is different when a guy has training to when a girl has training. Whether he’s trained or not, I don’t think it’ll make too much difference for him.”

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