Fish With Human-Like Teeth Is Dropping Jaws On Social Media

A fish with human-like teeth is dropping jaws on social media after it was caught in Nags Head, North Carolina.

An underwater orthodontist could make a killing on this guy:

The sheepshead fish, which is actually pretty common, was brought in by Nathan Martin and posted to the Facebook page of Jennette’s Pier.

A spokesperson for the pier told CBS affiliate KENS5 that sheepshead feed off the pier’s barnacles.

Sheepshead “have human-like incisors and molars” to help crush their food, and enjoy shrimp and oysters, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

People on social media, of course, were eager to show off their biting humour.

“Needs to floss,” one wrote on the pier’s Facebook. “Mr Ed is missing his dentures,” cracked someone else. “I know people who would love to have that many teeth,” joked yet another.

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