Ex-model Loni Willison spotted dumpster-diving in LA

Former fitness model Loni Willison was spotted rummaging for food in a dumpster in Los Angeles earlier this month – nearly a decade after her split from “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson.

New pics that surfaced show the homeless ex-model appearing gaunt on several occasions, pushing around a shopping cart of her possessions around various streets in Southern California.

During one recent outing, Willison, 40, could be seen in a tie-dye T-shirt, jeans, flip flops and a green vest, with her shaved ‘do peeking out of her backwards baseball cap.

She also wore a stack of bracelets around each wrist with layered necklaces and a backpack.

At one point, photographers captured her going through a dumpster and picking out an orange that appeared to remain intact.

Loni Willison
Ex-model Loni Willison was seen rummaging for food in a dumpster in Los Angeles.
Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID
Loni Willison
She was seen pushing a shopping cart of her possessions along a street.
Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID
Loni Willison
During one of the recent outings, Willison wore jeans and a tie-dye shirt.
Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID

The former swimsuit model’s life spiraled following her divorce from Jackson in 2014. In the years following their split, she lost both her job and her home amid a battle with drug addiction and mental health issues.

Willison was once a fitness model known for her svelte figure and bouncy blond locks. She posed for glossies like Glam Fit, Flavour Magazine and Iron Man Magazine.

She wed Jackson in 2012 at a resort in Laguna Beach, Calif. However, she later claimed that their marriage was full of abuse behind closed doors.

Jeremy Jackson and Loni Willison
She was previously married to “Baywatch” actor Jeremy Jackson.

Their tumultuous relationship came to an end after an alleged drunken fight, where Jackson allegedly attempted to strangle Willison.

The ex-model claimed she suffered two broken ribs, an injured neck and scratches on her face and body.

After their divorce, Willison lost her job as an assistant to a plastic surgeon and became addicted to crystal meth, which resulted in her getting evicted from her home in West Hollywood, according to The Sun.

Jeremy Jackson and Loni Willison
The former couple were married from 2014 to 2016.

In an interview published by X17 Online in May, Willison was asked where her life went wrong.

“My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced,” she responded at the time. “He set everything up to do this to me.”

As previously reported, the former glamour girl dropped off the grid for several years, until she was spotted living on the streets of LA in 2016.

Loni Willison
After their split, Willison lost her job and her home.

Willison said she was “in a lot of pain” while speaking to the reporter two months ago, because her stomach was hurting “really bad.”

She also claimed she “can’t live inside anywhere” because she can’t be exposed to electricity. 

“I think because [I pick] up on the electricity, I also pick up on other things, like certain chemicals or batteries, or fuses, like wire, different types of metals. So I think my body even filters that kind of stuff,” she claimed.

Loni Willison
Her struggles with addiction and mental health were factors that led to her homelessness.

Willison previously alleged she was “getting tortured in [her] home, [her] apartment” in a 2018 interview with the Daily Mail.

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“I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep,” she said at the time.

“I get money here and there and there’s food in the bins and near the stores. There’s lots here,” she went on, adding, “I don’t want anyone to help me.”

Loni Willison
“I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep,” she previously said.

Meanwhile, Jackson, 42, has also suffered with drug, steroid and alcohol addictions of his own.

He joined “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015, but was booted from the show after allegedly pulling model Chloe Goodman’s robe open.

In 2017, he served jail time after striking a plea deal for allegedly stabbing a woman in LA in 2015. Since his release from prison, Jackson has become a personal trainer and moved on with a new girlfriend.

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