Emmerdale Meena Jutla actor Paige Sandhu gets fans fired up in heated ‘worst character’ debate

Like most soaps, Emmerdale fans do take their favourite show rather seriously.

It is no surprise really – they spend weeks, months or even years following the daily dramas on the farm and rooting for the characters that have become so familiar.

Just like in real life, there are some personalities in Emmerdale people are immediately drawn to and others that are more of an acquired taste.

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And on a rather lively Emmerdale Reddit thread, fans have been voting for their least favourite characters over the past month – and the results may surprise you.

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Posting in the Emmerdale subreddit, one person asked: “Worst character in Emmerdale right now? My vote goes to Mandy Dingle. Horrible character.

“Also possibly an unpopular opinion about a character but Liv – her time is up. She has turned into an awful self-involved brat.”

Though some people agreed that the on-again-off-again character was one of Emmerdale’s worst, Mandy Dingle was not the least popular character – with more votes going to another character.

A far newer character was cast as their least favourite.

She has only been on the show since last year and has already made a name for herself as a scheming, manipulative villain – Meena Jutla.

Mandy Dingle is also not popular on the Emmerdale subreddit
Mandy Dingle is also not popular on the Emmerdale subreddit

One person commented: “Why the heck is David with her, she’s such a fake and superficial character…as well as a murderer of course! Wasn’t David on the verge of dumping her a month ago?”

Another agreed and added: “Absolutely. But then I think are we supposed to hate her and she’s playing a good part!?”

And another said: “Everything is infuriating, she’s so fake, cold, sarcastic, detached. If anything else she’s actually more pitiful than anything else.”

Other unpopular characters included Jacob and Jamie, with the latter being described as a “big spoiled child”.

Who is your least favourite Emmerdale character? Let us know in the comments!

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