Emmerdale Jimmy King actor Nick Miles reveals the actress he wants to see return to ITV soap

It would be a great comfort to fans of Emmerdale if they knew that the actors playing some of their favourite characters truly loved Yorkshire and were not just acting.

Well, for one Emmerdale star this is absolutely the truth.

Soap veteran Nick Miles, who plays the dippy and well-loved Jimmy King on the Yorkshire Dales soap, truly does prefer our great county to any other – having made Yorkshire his home despite being born in Birmingham.

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And he even prefers it to the dazzling Hollywood in California, having had his fair share of big film success as well, The Mirror reports.

It has been almost two decades that Nick has delighted Emmerdale fans as Jimmy King, who has stumbled through life in the most loveable of ways.

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But Nick has previously worked with huge Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio when the pair starred together in Martin Scorsese’s Civil War drama Gangs of New York.

But for Nick, picking between the rolling hills of Yorkshire and the dazzle of tinseltown is a no-brainer: God’s Country wins every time.

Nick does, however, have some interesting stories from his time spent in Hollywood and, while he was filming Gangs of New York, discovered that Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio was a red-hot poker player.

He recalls: “Leo DiCaprio plays cards all day – he’s just a card freak.

“It was quite a crowded ­little game, there was a lot of people trying to elbow their way in but I never attempted it.

“He won a lot. I wouldn’t like to play him, he’s very good.

“He is quite shy but good ­humoured – I shared a brief exchange with him in the makeup room and I kind of wondered if I should be talking to him, but he was absolutely charming. He is shy, you can tell he is very self-contained most of the time.”

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Nick, who was filming in a huge studio in Rome, also discovered that, contrary to rumours, three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis was not difficult and uptight.

He said: “Daniel Day-Lewis is charming on set and he does stay in his accent but he’s not horrible or difficult. Not even to minnows like me.

“I watched the big final fight and the two of them get down in the dirt for three days solid. The dedication of those guys is extraordinary.”

Nick who lives in the Dales but was born in Moseley, Birmingham, also worked with acclaimed British ­director Ken Loach, who rang his mum to ask if Nick was around to be a social worker, in his 1994 film Ladybird Ladybird.

“He got hold of my mum’s phone number as I wasn’t home,” Nick said.

“But he phones my mum who called me. He asked me about what clothes I had that might be appropriate for the social worker.”

And in a strange twist of fate, Nick loaned Loach clothes when the filmmaker had nothing smart to wear at an awards ceremony in France.

Nick, 59, said: “My first wife was a French scholar, and so we often went to the French Institute and I was at a bar there and Ken Loach came straight up to me.

“He said, ‘It’s a bit embarrassing. I have to get some award in the next room in a few minutes. Do you mind if I borrow your jacket?’

“I had on this rather nice leather jacket – not a bomber jacket but a suit jacket. And he was wearing kind of a scruffy pullover, but I agreed and we swapped clothes for half an hour while he got his award.

“It became the Ken Loach jacket. I later had it stolen at a festival in South Wales where I fell asleep. I put my head down and when I woke up the jacket had gone and with it my car keys and wallet. I was in ­trouble that weekend.”

But despite such starry experiences Nick’s heart is in Emmerdale.

“When I arrived I just wanted to stay for a year but I quickly discovered ­although you are only playing one character, I was playing a husband, a lover, a son, a father, and it was much, much more complex than the stuff I’d been doing.

“So for me it was a godsend and I love and I continue to love it and I will stay as long as they’ll have me.”

Nick’s first big TV break came as Chief Superintendent Guy Mannion in ITV’s The Bill from 1993 to 2001. He arrived in Emmerdale in 2004, alongside brothers Carl and Matthew and their dad, mogul Tom played by former Corrie star Ken Farrington.

The youngest King son, Max, followed later. But after his fellow kings died in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2012, Jimmy is the last left in the village.

His character has had a very ­complicated love life.

He has been to bed with Charity Dingle, played by Emma Atkins, married to femme fatale Sadie – Patsy Kensit – and been embroiled with ­trouble-making Kelly Windsor, played by Adele Silva. He is now finally settling down with wife Nicola, played by Nicola Wheeler.

But their marriage is currently in ­trouble after Jimmy confessed to ­kissing Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley).

Speaking about the clumsy kiss, Nick says: “I love Jimmy but he’s a bit of an idiot and he’s very accident prone.

“People were equally either ­horrified or exultant in that moment.

“It was horribly difficult to achieve because of the whole two metres distance thing. So we had to use some special effect because we weren’t ­anywhere near each other.

Adele Silva as Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale

“It is the strangest on screen kiss that either of us has ever attempted. I’m glad it didn’t go disastrously because I think it could have done.

“I hadn’t done any work with Lisa, so we have to sort of build that trust very quickly, but she’s just such a lovely person. You’re just constantly laughing when you’re with Lisa.

“She’s very funny and very good. When somebody is as good as she is it’s a joy. She’s a force of nature.”

Nick hopes Jimmy and Nicola work things out but is open to them bringing back his ex Kelly – but not Sadie.

“Patsy Kensit played Sadie when I was first in the show and she had an affair with my brother,” said Nick.

“I think it would be a disaster for Jimmy because, as I say, she did try to kill him so he’d probably run a mile.

“Also Jimmy was desperate for children and Sadie was secretly taking contraceptives so the fact Nicola has given him three beautiful children he will be forever grateful for.

“I’d love Adele to come back. She is still technically the mother of one of the kids. So it could quite interesting. It could be fireworks in the future.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV1 at 7pm.

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