Emily Ratajkowski slammed for ‘mocking’ plus-size fashion in ‘fatphobic’ photoshoot

Emily Ratajkowski is being called out for a photoshoot that fans are labeling “fatphobic.”

The model, 32, wore a variety of outfits while posing for a spread in the French magazine Le Monde this week, however there was one snap in particular that began raising eyebrows.

In a pic posted by Ratajkowski on Instagram as part of the series lensed by photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch, the brunette beauty stands entirely in one leg of a pair of jeans, holding the waistband out to the side as if to emphasize her toned figure and show off the noticeable size gap.

The image was reminiscent of an early aughts weight loss advertisement, which struck many of her followers as a bizarre choice for the fashion editorial shoot. 

In one of the snaps, the supermodel wore a pair of jeans that were double her size. Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

“Designers won’t make plus sizes unless it’s for a photo opp where a thin person can be quirky,” another pointed out.

A second person chimed in, “What in the fatphobic hell is that second picture … so distasteful and disgusting…. how did anybody okay that.”

And one commenter even called her a “yassified Jared Fogle,” referring to the man who lost nearly 300 pounds eating Subway sandwiches and became a spokesperson for the company, often posing next to his former pants in commercials and photoshoots.

“What in the fatphobic hell is that second picture,” one person commented. Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

The “My Body” author — whose 2021 book discusses body image, beauty standards, and the societal pressure placed on women’s bodies — was also labeled a “hypocrite” for taking part in the shoot.

“What a strange second photo. And you wrote a book about body image? Mm,” one follower commented.

“writing a book centered body image and then doing the second photo is crazy,” another chimed in.

Fans suggested the photos were reminiscent of an early 2000s weight loss ad. TheImageDirect.com

“The fact a whole team of people worked on this and thought this was cool is so f—ked up,” a third critic added.

Plus-size model Tess Holliday commented, “I’ve been looking for those jeans in the second photo if you could just please return them that would cool. Tysm.”

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Holliday is among the high-profile figures who have criticized the fashion industry for its reluctance to produce garments in larger sizes.

Fellow models, including Tess Holliday, eviscerated Ratajkowski in her comments section. Emily Ratajkowski / Instgram

“I have to wear fast fashion and high street to major red carpet moments, and that’s great, but I want the option to wear high end items of my choosing and it’s not available,” she told Elle UK in 2019.

“But it’s either that or I run around naked. Plus-size fashion is not there yet.”

Ratajkowski has also been vocal about the modeling industry’s pitfalls, and has candidly discussed her struggles with body image through the years.

“The fact a whole team of people worked on this and thought this was cool is so f–ked up,” one critic wrote. emrata/Instagram

“You have this idea, this goal of being a type of woman, being beautiful … and now everyone is putting out an image of themselves. We all have Instagrams,” she told Yahoo of the pressure that women face when it comes to presenting themselves.

“I think that I realized that my experience was maybe more relatable than I even realized,” the “Gone Girl” actress added.

Ratajkowski has yet to address the backlash.

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