‘Doesn’t even look like you’

Fans are calling out Teresa Giudice once again – this time for “messing with her face” in a recent Instagram post.

Over the weekend, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared a solo video showing off her floral mini dress.

Giudice gave several different poses, including looking off into the distance, smiling at the camera and looking down while putting one hand on her hip.

The Bravolebrity – who wore a nude halter dress with flowers embroidered and her hair in a high slick braid – ended the video by blowing a kiss to her fans.

“It goes like this 😘 #rideordie #friendsforever #lovelaughingwithyou,” she captioned the video.

Fans were quick to ask Giudice, 51, what “filters” she was using in the “fake” clip.

Teresa Giudice posing
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” showed off her look with various poses.

Teresa Giudice posing
Several people asked what “filters” Giudice was using.

“Doesn’t even look like you. What are you doing to your face? Or are you using filters?” one user asked.

“I had to do a double take. Didn’t even know it was her 😳,” someone else wrote.

“Def something … I think bigger lips, but her face looks pulled …. 🤔 facelift? …. She better be kerrrfull….she’s getting to that point …. Ooof!” another person speculated.

Teresa Giudice blowing a kiss
“Doesn’t even look like you. What are you doing to your face?” one user asked.

“Uuuugh, the mouth 🤤. Stop inflating it, looks like the joker🃏😨,” one user added.

“I love the dress – but you are soooo over filtered 😂 seen u in person and you don’t look like this at all 😂😂,” someone commented.

“I agree Teresa was beautiful but she is going to far now looking like artificial kim Kardashian it’s rather sad,” another user speculated.

Teresa Giudice sitting on "WWHL"
One person even compared her to the “Joker.”
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“she needs to stop messing with her face…. So sad,” one person wrote.

“Like the dress but you don’t even look like you anymore, stop with the plastic surgery!” someone pleaded.

“looks like a new nose and filled lips,” one person wondered, while another added, “she definitely had more work done.”

Teresa Giudice talking in a confessional
The Bravolebrity has stayed quiet on the negative feedback.

“More filtered than a Brita pitcher🙄 it’s too bad you can’t filter your soul and turn into a decent person!” someone commented.

“Jesus. She looks so altered I feel like it’s AI 😂,” another user wrote, referring to artificial intelligence.

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However, several people from her fanbase – aka the Tre-Huggers – and her friends and family showed their love for the look.

“Babe you are so gorgeous ❤️❤️,” Giudice’s husband Louie Ruelas commented.

“Best u ever looked ❤️beautiful,” her longtime friend and “RHONJ” co-star Dolores Catania gushed.

Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas posing
Giudice’s husband made sure to tell her she looked “gorgeous.”

Teresa Giudice posing for a photo
The mom of four has previously faced criticism for her “filters.”

“so pretty ❤️❤️❤️,” her eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, wrote.

Giudice has yet to respond to any of the not-so-kind Instagram comments.

The mom of four is no stranger to facing criticism from fans over her Photoshopping techniques over the last year. At one point, fans even compared her to a “wax” figure.

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