Covid Booster Jabs: What We Know About The Autumn Rollout

Health secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed plans are in place to offer Covid booster jabs from this autumn

The booster rollout is set to begin in September, Javid said during a hospital visit to Milton Keynes this week, although the government is still waiting on final advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

“When we get that advice we will be able to start the booster programme, but I anticipate it will begin in early September, so I’m already making plans for that,” the health secretary said.

“It’s really important that when we start that programme, the sort of first cohorts, the ones that got the jabs early on when we started our programme – the first in the world back in December last year – that those cohorts come first and so we will be prioritising it,” he added.

More than 75% of UK adults are now double vaccinated – and Javid stressed the success of the programme so far in the fight against Coivd.

“This wall of defence that the vaccines have created is working,” he said. “It’s massively reduced hospitalisations, deaths from Covid are mercifully low and that’s because of our vaccination programme.”

Here’s what you need to know about his autumn plans for booster jabs.

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