Celebrity Gogglebox fans lash out at ‘ignorant racists’ complaining about line-up on Black to Front day

Celebrity Gogglebox has tonight seen an all Black cast as part of Channel’s 4 Black to Front day.

The broadcaster has said it is committed to improving Black representation on-screen and more widely in the TV industry.

It is hoping that today’s programming has made a statement, challenging both Channel 4 to see content differently and to leave a lasting legacy in terms of increased Black representation both on and off screen.

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Channel 4 said: “It is important to us that viewers can identify with people that they see on-screen and that everyone in the UK feels represented and heard in our programmes. The programming will not only entertain viewers but also create a national conversation about Black portrayal and representation.”

With tonight’s star line up including celebs like Ashley Banjo, Maya Jama and Tinie Tempah, fans have been loving their ongoing commentary.

Yet as Channel 4 posted on their social media, Gogglebox fans came flooding in to hit back at ‘ignorant racists’ who complained about the line up on social media

Mo Gilligan and Babatunde Aleshe will star in Channel 4's Black to Front Celebrity Gogglebox
Mo Gilligan and Babatunde Aleshe will star in Channel 4’s Black to Front Celebrity Gogglebox

One commented: “There’s going to be some triggered gammons watching gogglebox tonight”

Another added: “Oh white people please grow up, how embarrassing.

“Getting angry because there aren’t people who look like you on the telly? Yeah it’s pretty sh*t isn’t it, almost as if that’s what minorities go through on a daily basis.”

Another shared their disgust at some of the comment on the #CelebrityGogglebox tag, writing: “All the racist coming out their shells in the thread.

Another viewer wrote: “Imagine every day we see white and when they drop a bit of sauce ppl upset lol move along it aint you day today on channel 4 its ours.”

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