8 Simple Self-Care Tips As The Clocks Go Back For Winter

It’s the last weekend in October, which means it’s time for the clocks to go back again. Summer has slipped past us and winter is well on its way. For some, that’s a cue for rest and restoration, but many struggle at this time of year.

The clocks will go back on the early hours of Sunday October 3, switching at 2am back to 1am. And despite the Halloween gift of an extra hour in bed, the prospect of the longer nights and shorter days ahead can be a source of dread.

It’s easy to neglect your mental health during the winter and as the nights get darker and colder, the lack of sunlight can lead to ‘winter blues’ or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

To which we say: now is the perfect time to practise some self-care. We’re not about to advise you to pick up a journal or take a long hot bath. Though both these activities can be relaxing and good for your wellbeing, there’s so much more you can do when taking care of yourself.

Yes, it can be harder to motivate yourself when it’s cold inside and out. But it’s important not to neglect your needs during these upcoming months. Whatever self-care looks like to you, here are some simple ways to prioritise it.

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