7 Sneaky Signs Your Kid Is Dealing With Reemergence Anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has presented countless challenges to children from an academic, social and mental health perspective. But the shift back into more “normal” ways of life can also be difficult for kids.

Of course, we’re not exactly in a post-pandemic world (especially for children younger than 12 who have yet to gain access to any Covid-19 vaccines) as concerns rise about case counts and highly contagious variants.

But there’s no doubt things seem different this summer with travel and back-to-school preparations in full swing. And even these positive changes can be challenging and anxiety-provoking.

“Children thrive with consistency, and consistency has gone out of the window over the past year,” licensed clinical social worker Nidhi Tewari told HuffPost. “Many kids became accustomed to attending virtual school and limiting in-person contact, so it’s understandable that there may be increases in anxiety as we ‘return to normal.’”

And in the midst of this new transition, children – like adults – are also still processing the trauma of the past year and a half.

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