Tori Spelling cries after tense Dean McDermott conversation

Tori Spelling was spotted crying after a tense conversation with her estranged husband, Dean McDermott.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star and the former “Chopped Canada” host were photographed together at a storage unit in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Despite having recently gotten back on good terms, the former couple appeared heated at the facility.

Tori Spelling burst into tears after a tense conversation with estranged husband Dean McDermott.
The former couple appeared to get into an argument while at a storage facility.
Spelling looked upset while holding her arms out.
It is unclear what the two were discussing.

At one point, Spelling, 50, stood by herself and held out her hands to the side while appearing to be screaming.

An exasperated McDermott, 57, eventually moved to the side of the lot and leaned against a fence to cool off. He was seen placing a hand on his face and gazing off into the distance.

The actress remained behind the “Due South” alum and looked upset while taking two white garbage bags out of a car.

At one point, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star appeared to throw a bag in the air.
McDermott stared into the distance while his estranged wife tried to talk to him.
The estranged couple seemed to be moving items in and out of a storage container Tuesday.
McDermott also appeared frustrated.

Later on, Spelling was pictured throwing one of those bags into the air, but it did not appear to hit McDermott.

The “Stori Telling” author then sat down in the trunk of the vehicle, looking defeated with her knees curled up and her face in her hand.

The “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” stars started chatting again before McDermott walked closer to Spelling and leaned against the back of the trunk beside her.

After a while, they sat down and talked it out.
Spelling kicked back in the trunk of a car.
McDermott eventually joined her and sat beside her.
The mom of five still appeared to be emotional while in the car.

The estranged couple appeared to have settled down by then and continued their conversation.

However, the ordeal seemed to leave Spelling upset, as she was later photographed bursting into tears in the front seat of her car.

She held both of her hands to her scrunched-up face before wiping away tears.

The former couple seemed to have a more civilized conversation in the back.
Spelling placed her head in her hands while talking with McDermott.
At one point, McDermott even comforted his ex.
McDermott held Spelling’s arms while she appeared to still be emotional.

Spelling looked casual in a black short-sleeve crop top with light blue denim flared jeans.

She kept her signature long blond hair straight and added black sneakers and layers of gold necklaces to accessorize the look.

McDermott also went with a more relaxed outfit: ripped blue jeans, a flowy white T-shirt and a black baseball cap.

Despite the conversation, Spelling was seen crying in her car.
Spelling placed both of her hands over her face while she cried.
It’s unclear what Spelling was upset about.
The “Stori Telling” author wiped away her tears.

Neither Spelling nor McDermott’s reps responded to Page Six’s requests for comment.

The encounter occurred just a little over a week after the actor gushed to Page Six about what a “great support” his estranged wife has been amid their separation and his sobriety.

“You know, she just wants me to be happy. Bottom line,” he told us earlier this month. “And she’s such an incredible woman that way. She’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Neither McDermott nor Spelling’s reps returned Page Six’s request for comment.
The former couple have also kept quiet on what went down after the photos surfaced.
McDermott recently raved to Page Six about his estranged wife.
“She just wants me to be happy,” he shared earlier this month.

McDermott further raved that Spelling is the “most caring” and “empathetic” person.

“She just wants the best for everybody … and sometimes at the expense of her happiness … but that’s the kind of person she is,” he continued.

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The “Open Range” actor also shared with Page Six that the “BH90210” star and his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, “get along fabulously.”

McDermott announced their separation in June 2023. Getty Images for L.O.L. Surprise!
McDermott also gushed that Spelling and his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, “get along fabulously.”
The estranged couple recently celebrated one of their five children’s birthdays. torispelling/Instagram

“I’m blessed, you know, having everybody get along and come together for the greater good of the kids. I just, I’m so blessed. It’s a beautiful thing,” he said.

McDermott announced his and Spelling’s split in June 2023, and he began dating Calo four months later.

Since then, Spelling and McDermott have reunited several times and even recently celebrated one of their five children’s birthday parties.

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